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choquefrontal asked:

Hello! I don't want to be a pain in the ass but I couldn't help but realize that you reblog from yourself lots of posts one time and again and again most of the times resulting in getting the same post up to three times in less than five minutes on my dash? Is it something you do on purpose or is it malfunctioning in any way? I truly enjoy your blog but it gets a bit annoying getting the same content repeated so many times. Sorry and thank you for your time!



We are one of the best art blogs to Tumblr, you may well endure some inconveniences!
You do not understand, and you do not know to whom you speak! you have absolutely nothing to dictate to me or complain!
you're thinking that I liked just to annoy you, but we are working, silly. And proportionally to the number of my publications, it is normal that reblogs are numerous!
You is not a game! I have imperatives, you can not imagine. Have not you have not asked your opinion! 
You make tourism on Tumblr. Quietly

The dasboard belongs to everyone.

This bored and scrolling through my tickets? poor little girl serve your mouse

It’s really serious. Prevents fast relief, in case you'd discomfort!
And stop saying "sorry" you shall send your critics, then is not between the two states! Be honest You Dramatize to minor problems, we feel that you are immature and capricious.

I have good reasons do reblogs, sorry emcombrer the dasboard, but I can not help it. There are followers who call me to publish my content, so I can not satisfy everyone. I'm generous and posts you find them too long? but I'm not at your service.

Respect the work of others

What difference does it make to you that I reblog even 10 times Do not interfere with my work. You’re not in my place and you do not know how a blog functions like mine. And if you continue to harass me with these stories of reblogs,
I Warranty you that I will express Reblog to piss you off and then you’ll really see a real panic. But no longer following my blog you or it is me that you I removed. Thanks

This blog is seriously the worst, honestly fuck the megalomaniac that runs it, but the content is awesome. Damn.

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