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This happened a long time ago, I don’t have screenshots but I do have a vivid memory of it.This is a true account and I am sharing this in case anyone had ever come across this before. 

It was a family of four and the mum was expecting a third child, nothing out of the ordinary at first but as I progressed through the game I noticed strange things happening when my neighbours disappeared in my lot- They Faded away and never appeared in their own lots again.

I let that incident pass caus I had no intention of  playing pre-made sims and dismissed it as a unique glitch until a similar thing occurred with the Mum the next day. I tried saving her by leaving game unsaved and returning to the lot several time, but that didn’t work so I gave up, her delivery was suppose to have been due on that day :( …

The Dad sim, having the family aspiration ,was obviously distressed after losing his wife and unborn baby and left to raise two kids on his own .

A couple of days went by, the Dad sim was still depressed So to cheer him up I took him and his kids on a day out in the park to spend some family time. When the family returned to their lot in the evening the Dad had a breakdown-That’s when I realised THE KIDS FUCKING DISAPPEARED FROM THE THUMBNAIL ! I desperately tried reloading the game many times but like their mum they kept fucking fading away.There was nothing else that could have been done at that point, I had spent hours wasting playing the sims and just gave up.

I left the poor Dad sim alone but what creeped me out was what I had discovered after leaving the lot and I SHIT YOU NOT THIS IS WHAT I READ IN THE DESCRIPTION:

 ” The sudden restlessness had taken  the household  into a different course. Will Lawrence ever bounce back after the disappearance of his wife and kids?”

I DID NOT WRITE THIS !!! THE GAME AUTOMATED A NEW BACKSTORY AFTER IT KILLED MY WIFE AND KIDS!!! I never had this happen to my game before and never came across one like it after I deleted the household.

The researchers found that that sad music has a counterintuitive appeal – it actually makes people feel better. Sad songs allow listeners to experience indirectly the emotions expressed in the lyrics and implied by the (usually) minor-key melodies. The sadness may not directly reflect the listener’s own experiences, but it triggers chemicals in our brain that can produce a cathartic response: tears, chills, an elevated heartbeat. This is not an unpleasant feeling, and may explain why listeners are inclined to buy sad songs and why artists want to write or sing them.
The science of why we love sad songs. Pair with these 7 essential reads on music, emotion, and the brain. (via explore-blog)
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