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if anyone wants to book a show in DC/MD/VA on august 20th for the terror pigeon dance revolt that would be GREAT, they are really great and they really need a show for that date, message me if u can set something up, peace

unfortunately i’ll be in brooklyn when they play but they r great people ok


one of my favorite bands to watch live, highly recommend picking it up if you can

  • Track Name

    A Little Lost

  • Album

    Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell

  • Artist

    Sufjan Stevens


Sufjan Stevens — “A Little Lost”
(orig. Arthur Russell)

I like “A Little Lost” because it’s all about kissing. I love kissing. If I could kiss all day, I would. I can’t stop thinking about kissing. I like kissing more than sex because there’s no end to it. You can kiss forever. You can kiss yourself into oblivion. [….]

Arthur’s music is all over the place, but most of it seems to be about embracing darkness (loneliness) and ambiguity (confusion) with the biggest bear hug in the world. Catharsis! He didn’t give a shit about fads or fashion even as he was influenced by popular music, club music, and all that shitty art music at the Kitchen.

He kind of cobbled it all together to create his own diverse musical language, He was funny as shit (a wordsmith, a master of the innuendo), but also dead serious (and blunt) about the deepness of his feelings, unafraid to express affection in his songs, without pandering or cliche. Arthur was real as shit. You can’t fake realness.

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